GAP reported that it has donated £80,000 to 99 charities the financial year of 2016 /2017.

The hirer’s Charitable Foundation, set up in April 2015, gives approximately 0.5% of the company’s profits to worthy causes. Donations are allocated via a dedicated Giving committee comprising staff members from various roles within GAP. Whom meet monthly at the company’s Head Office in Glasgow.

Any of GAP’s 1,600 employees can nominate a charity they feel is deserving or who may have helped themselves, family or friends in the past. In addition, under a GAP Match scheme, a team member who fundraises for a charity will see their efforts matched by the charitable committee to an amount up to £500. Twenty-five such donations have already been made this year, with personnel involved in events such as marathons, mountain climbing challenges, sponsored walks and coffee mornings.