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Membership Terms

1. Comply with all current Health and Safety Legislation

2. Ensure that all members of Staff obey all company rules and thereby operate in a legal and safe manner

3. Provide induction training to all new members of Staff

4. Operate a comprehensive Staff training programme and to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, Staff career advancement. Provide proof that such Staff Training has been carried out and to retain written evidence of such company training for inspection by HSE and/or other regulatory bodies.

5. Ensure that all premises and especially workshops are operated in a safe manner, that all members of Staff are provided with a safe working environment and that the safety of members of the General Public is protected by company procedures, as far as is reasonably practical.

6. Provide each member of Staff with a contract of employment.

7. Only supply hire equipment on completion of a formal, legally binding, hire contract.

8. Ensure that all items of hire equipment are fully insured and that hire insurance is provided, on demand, to hire customers.

9. Issue such personal protective equipment at the time of hire as is considered necessary for the item(s) of equipment issued by the hire company and which is listed on the hire

10. Provide safety advice and/or training together with sufficient written information to the hire customer in the form of an Operating Leaflet for Safety for the item(s) of equipment at the time of hire.

11. All members of Hire Trade Alliance (HTA) will be expected to abide by the HTA written Code of Practice and to comply with the requirements laid down by the HTA Assessment programme.

12. Test all items of equipment before and after each hire period and from time to time whilst the item of equipment is out on hire. Retain records of all tests carried out.

13. Cancellation of Membership will require that all references made to HTA and any items which remain HTA intellectual property (e.g. Terms and Conditions of Hire; Logos) must be removed from company literature, stationery and company websites within 90 days.

14. Any actions or behaviour by Members which bring Hire Trade Alliance into disrepute may result in termination of membership at the discretion of the Management Committee.

15. No subscription fee, or part thereof shall be refundable upon termination of Membership of HTA.

16. All members agree to abide by any amendments or additional terms as may be agreed from time to time.

17. Membership term is a minimum of 12 months from signup.